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What has XML got to do with Software Design Patterns?
Read the QWAN Home Page, look at the presentations look at our tools strategy, if you have any questions, email me at Ray's email

Why two product lines?
XML Tools and DesignByPatterns !

This is mainly historical, we started building Design pattern tools, and ultimately we will completed our Design Pattern tools, but along the way we realized if we can harness XML, XSLT and XQuery, all of its tools (as a side-effect), and build the ones we needed then we would have an ubiquitous XML solution to building Design Pattern Implementations
Space is not merely a background for events, but possesses an autonomous structure
"Albert Einstein".

Are any of the DesignByPatterns products available?

NO - they are still under development.

I believe that Design Patterns should not be commercially exploited, are you just using Design Patterns to sell XMLTools

Not at all. We have spent over 3 years researching Design Patterns and have not made one cent from our work, we built the XML Editor because we needed an extensible JFC XML Editor we could use to exploit our ideas for Design Patterns with XML and XSLT, and to be honest with you , none of the free or commercial editors on the market made the grade. We also saw the need for a commercial Swing-based  XMLEditor and XMLEditorKit.
Our hope is the XMLEditor will fund our further research and development.

Are you selling an XMLEditor or an XMLEditorKit.?
Both.The XMLEditor is built using the XMLEditorKit, view the XMLEditor as a car and the XMLEditorKit as an engine. We are selling the car, but you can also take out and use the engine in your own car.

The XMLEditorKit is standalone set of classes that can be used by any Java Swing application to edit, author or process XML. It provides the core set of classes and functions required to build Editors for XML, and its many derivatives.
The XMLEditor is a sample XML Editor that was built on top of the XMLEditorKit and uses the XMLEditorKits' capabilities.

I don't understand your licensing
The "XMLEditor and XMLEditorKit Software" License contains 2 Java Archive File (jar)

  • XMLEditor (xmltool.jar)
  • XMLEditorKit (xmleditorkit.jar)
XMLEditor depends upon XMLEditorKit. You can deploy/install one copy of each jar on only one computer.

If you need to install XMLEditor on 20 computers then you need 20 "XMLEditor and XMLEditorKit Software" Licenses

If you need to install only the XMLEditorKit on 20 computers then you still need 20 "XMLEditor and XMLEditorKit Software" Licences

A good way to look at this is you only pay for the XMLEditorKit, and you get the XMLEditor for free.

Do I have to buy 10 copies of XMLEditor to use XMLEditorKit on 10 computers?

Do I have to buy 10 copies of XMLEditor to use XMLEditor on 10 computers?

Do you have any discounts for volume purchases?

I want a CD-ROM rather than a download.
Currently the software is only available via download, We will provide CD's at a later date (we may have to add sales tax to your order) please call Customer Service with your requirements

I prefer using Open Source Software
Sorry, this is a commercial product, competitively priced, send us your requirements, use our questionnaire, we are willing to work with our customers to add any features that they require.
We can even build your custom editors if you prefer.

What is the XMLEditorKit anyway?
Consists of a set of classes that extend the functionality Swing's DefaultStyledDocument and DefaultEditorKit
  • XMLTextPane extends javax.swing.text.JTextPane
  • XMLDocument extends javax.swing.text.DefaultStyledDocument
  • XMLEditorKit extends javax.swing.text.StyledEditorKit

So what's the big deal - what advantages do I have using your XMLEditorKit?
The main advantage is that the product is based solely on the design and implementation of the core javax.swing.text package, you do not need to know how to write some vendor plug-in or some funky messaging scheme or vendor architecture

We have implemented the following Features and Actions
  • Turn on/off Xerces compiler switches
  • Load, Parse,Validate, and Save XML
  • Set Page from URL
  • Display 3 different views
  • Document Navigation
  • Color Coding and Key mappings
  • Cut/Copy/Paste nodes, and plain text
  • Cut/Copy/Paste structured/unstructured XML fragments
  • Synchronized tree/text views
  • Undo/Redo Support

Where are the API's for the editorkit documented?

  Under Javadoc package com.qwan.xmleditorkit

What's your return policy?
  Like other Software Companies, we have a 'NO return' policy on all sales, and all sales are final. That's why we offer a 30-day fully functional download of our product so that you may try it out before you make your purchase. If you don't like it, don't buy it ! But please let us know why you didn't like it, as we would like to change your mind in future !

I live outside the United States, can I buy your product?
  As long as you live in any country apart from those listed under the US Department of Commerce list of countries where export of software is prohibited, (as of March 2003 Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan,  and Syria)  and use a valid customer and credit card information - we can process your order

I don't like ordering or using my credit card over the internet
  Our Order form goes directly to BankAmerica via SSL for credit card processing, Our computers never even see your card information from the transaction. If you still would like to order over the telephone call our sales department toll free on (866) 533-7623 or from outside the USA call (1) 925 265-1053 and ask for "telephone sales"

I am worried about privacy of the transaction, I don't want to be spammed, or end up on some mailing list
  Our customers are our greatest asset, We do not sell or redistribute any customer data, our use any customer names in our advertising Please see our privacy policy