About Us

We also provide the following programming services on a contract basis
  Please call us toll-free (866) 533-7623 , or from outside the USA at 1 (925) 265 1053 with your requirements. We can also be contacted at pservices7@qwan.com

System Architecture, Design, & Programming Services

MIDP 1.0, 2.0
P2P, JXME, JXTA, Bluetooth
802.11, USB
Voice XML

J2ME programming on handhelds, cellphones, and embedded devices

Wireless and voice programming using IBM Websphere , Nuance Speech Objects, Tellme products

XML Schema

Java and C++ solutions using XML
(DOM & SAX)XSLT, Schemas
Xalan 2.2 Xerces 2.5.0

Java J2SE J2EE

Custom J2EE programming including servlets, JSP, JDBC, EJB, JMS and CORBA.
Client-side programming solutions using JFC/Swing, AWT, Applets
Custom Swing components

Web Services
Custom Web Services development including SOAP/WSDL/UDDI

C and C++

Custom programming in C & C++
on Windows NT,Unix , Linux
PDA's and handhelds,
cellphones, and embedded devices.

Multi-platform MQ Programming

We have MQ programming experience on Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX

TPF Legacy MQ and XML Integration

Let Threshold be your guide, We have over 10 years TPF experience, AND over 10 years in C/C++ , SNA, TCP/IP , AND have commercial MQ and XML experience.

XML Data Format Conversions

We can convert XML to/from other data formats. We build custom lexers and parsers to do the job

Design Patterns

Over 7 years of Design Patterns experience

Domain expertise in financial and transportation applications


Multi-platform IBM MQ series,
Lotus Notes Extensions
and CORBA programming

C++ and Java programming using commercial CORBA products


Enterprise and workgroup communications including TCP/IP and SNA programming and connectivity