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Distribution Summary

Free Demo Version - Java Web Start
  • We have a Java Web Start demonstration, that has a 30 day timeout. This version of the software cannot be run outside the Web Start environment.
  • No Access is allowed to your local hard-drive or System, files can be read/written via diskette only.
  • For those of you who understand Java Security, it runs in the 'sandbox' (the jars are UNSIGNED ) giving you complete confidence that your system cannot be compromised.
  • If you have Java 1.4, Mac OS X, or have Web Start installed on your system, then this is the best way to go.
Free Demo Version - Download
  • This consists of the full version but with a 30 day time-out, after you register you will be sent an e-mail with a license file attachment, copy this to your local classpath to activate the demonstration.
  • You will also need internet access to run the demo.
Full Version
  • Available from our order page - please see FAQ's regarding our no return/refund policy.
  • 2 Versions are available for download, the first version comes without the Xerces and Xalan distributions. The second version has the Xerces and Xalan Distributions
  • Workstation License cost $100 per workstation.
    • The following discounted license packs are available
      • $900 for 10 workstations (10% Discount) 
      • $4250 for 50 workstations (15% Discount) 
      • $8000 for 100 workstations (20% Discount) 
      • $37500 for 500 workstations (25% Discount) 
      • $50000 for 1000 workstations (50% Discount) 
    • Please call sales for additional volume discounts.
      US toll-free (866) 533-7623 or outside the US 1-(925) 265-1053
  •  Network Server and Client Licenses
    • No specific server or site license is available on-line at this time, ( a workstation license is needed for every computer that runs the software). Please call us regarding your requirements and we will try and work with you, also please see the Web-Start bundling below.
Enterprise Web-Start Version(under development)
  • We are exploring the possibility of pricing a "Web-Start" production bundle, this would include additional licensing and installation features for your environment.
  • Let us know if you have an interest in this option, if you have any requirements please contact us, or go to support page and use the request features dialog.