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**** NEWS NEWS NEWS +++ May 16 2003 +++ NEWS NEWS NEWS ***

XMLEditorKit 1.0 and sample XMLEditor 1.0 are now available!!!

A new generation of XML Editor written in JFC/Swing.

XML Editor includes an XMLEditorKit component implemented as a subclass of the Swing javax.swing.text.StyledEditorKit and is based upon the javax.swing.text DefaultStyledDocument.

It provides classes such as XMLEditorKit,  XMLDocument, and  XMLTextPane to use in your own swing applications

XML Editor features the Xerces2 Java parser, offering solid support for the W3C Document Object Model.
  • Is a multi platform based editor for creating well-formed/valid XML documents
  • XMLEditorKit and its supporting classes allows you to plug an XMLEditor into your own Swing applications and applets . Allows you to edit at a higher level without ever having to personally parse XML or work the the low-level DOM
  • Linked and independently editable XML source and DOM tree views that provide simultaneous updates to background view(s) without manual refresh
  • Multiple structured text views with inline tags and attributes.
  • Context sensitive access to all elements, attributes, cdata sections, PI's, entities and comments
  • Action classes for inserting, appending nodes and character references, XML tree cut, copy, paste, compiler flags, navigation, parsing and validation.
  • Smart edit mode includes 'always valid DOM'.

Unlike other XMLEditorKit's on the net, our version is more than just a subclass of StyledEditorKit with 1 or 2 added methods. We have 3 views that can be set via XMLTextPane setView() method, over 50 additional actions, our next version (2.0) will even have jumbo file size support via our RangeManager.