About Us
Crisis? What Crisis?

   Our industry is in crisis, our software is over-engineered, our design solutions are inadequate, our systems are marginal.

    Sadly, our industry leaders are turning to cheap offshore labor creating more code of marginal quality, rather than investing in code generation systems to solve this crisis.

     We hope that two recent (seemingly unrelated) developments within the software industry (plus a little help from us!) will shake the foundations of the our industry and forever change the way we build software.

    These developments are Design Patterns and XML.
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   Widespread use of Design Patterns and the re-use of their implementation among developers has been inhibited by a lack of Design Pattern Tools and a formal portable representation.

 Knowledge exists in two forms - lifeless, stored in books,
and alive in the consciousness of men.
          The second form of existence is after all the essential one;
the first indispensible as it may be,
occupies only an inferior position
Albert Einstein
    We discovered that the key to building Design Pattern tools in Java was to understand how to represent and apply the Design Pattern implementation. We are now building those tools from emerging XML, XPATH, XSLT, and XQuery technologies that will enable us to recognize, represent, apply, and combine Design Pattern Implementations.

   We have just released our XML Editor & XMLEditorKit , the first in our line of products based on our XMLEditorKit.

      Our goal is to build a set of unique, definitive, innovative, and revolutionary programming tools, that truly possess Christopher Alexanders' "Quality Without A Name "

      We thought where else to find these tools other than at   QWAN.COM