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XML EditorKit Release Notes

Welcome to our site, a number of you have shown considerable interest in an XMLEditorKit, we hope that the wait has been worth it.

We decided last summer to rewrite the product for Xerces 2 and take full advantage of their XNI architecture and DOM Level 3 Support

Our goal is to allow rapid customization and visualization of XML DOM nodes using Swing components.

Why spend months and precious resources building your own unsupported core components, we have developed a core XMLEditorKit and runtime that you can start from! and we really wanted to show what you can do with javax.swing.text

We can integrate our product into your Swing projects (or even build your customized editors or components) as part of our professional service offerings.(See Custom Editors and Integration)

We have added an XML Editor built from the XMLEditorKit. It is an integration test-bed for our XMLEditorKit and a prototype for other derivative editors we are working on.

We will be updating the XMLEditorKit and XMLEditor on a regular basis.